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Top gear pedalus

  Top Gear is a well-known British show where guests are tested in a fast-paced round. Guests are offered a “car” and their task is to take...

Golf simulator

Golf simulator as one of the activities is a great addition to your event. You can try various golf challenges as we have a tunnel avaliable for...

ETC Baseball

America’s favourite pass time will now become yours with ETC Baseball! This fun game is ideal for your picnics and other events as the...

Human table football

  Toys are coming to life and you’re a part of it! The human table football game is a fun spin on the ordinary game – it is a...

Body Zorbing football

  Hide in a zorb bubble and bounce, crash, fight and romp about with the other contestants. This extremely fun accessory makes every game...

Ice sculpture making

Ice sculpture making is a fantastic test of teamwork and skill. Become sculptors and create your masterpiece. With the guide of an experienced...

Splatmaster Paintball

We are one of the first companies that offer Splatmaster paintball in Slovenia. The goal of the game is to hit yout opponent with a colour pellet...

Sumo & box

SUMO Treat your employees with the japanese national sport the balkan way. In the Sumo wrestling activity you’ll transform into a heavy...

American gladiator

  Do you have good balance and know a good fighting technique? Or maybe you just want to do some sports and have fun while you’re at it?...

ETC Pool Champion

ETC Pool Champion is a fun activity that offers plenty of laughter and unpredictable turnarounds. The rules are pretty simple and basically same...

Robin Hoodus

In prehistoric times, archers were highly respected. Not only because of their skills, but they were also hunting animals to feed their people....

Football Darth

Darts is a legendary game that requires a lot of concentration and a calm hand. With our Football Dart game, everything is turned upside down....

Knock down all the cans

Extremely fun activity, which looks very simple, so simple, all you have to do, is to try to knock down all the cans with three shots you have....


SUP or “Stand up paddle boarding” is an excellent aquatic activity that is fun, different and doesn’t demand any prior...

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