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Sink or swim

  • A unique activity for your picnic or team building
  • Best in the hot summer months
  • Can be done by the sea, lake, river or swimming pool
  • It lasts up to two and a half hours
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    Grand Prix Race

  • The most popular team building of the past season;
  • Build a car and take part in the Grand Prix race;
  • Fun and dynamic team building;
  • Outdoors or indoors
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    New York stock exchange

  • New team building for the 2016/17 season
  • Interactive stock exchange simulation
  • Improves team coordination and cooperation
  • Lasts up to two and a half hours
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    Food Market

  • Best culinary team building
  • Create your own fast food stand
  • Besides cooking we also test your marketing skills
  • It takes good organisation under the pressure of time
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    Lights, camera, action!

  • Direct and film your own short movie
  • We set the general theme and plan of filming with the buyer
  • Extremely creative, increases communication and company belonging
  • End the event with a gala evening
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    ETC Biathlon

  • A military discipline done in a fun, ETC way
  • Can be done with or without snow
  • Groups of 20 to 100 people
  • Test your body, mind and group spirit
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    ETC Snow Olympics

  • Includes different non-traditional winter sports
  • Suitable for any kind of event
  • Groups from 20 to 1000 people
  • Flexible time frame
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    Startup challenge

  • Develop your idea in a successfull presentation
  • A fun team building for developing new ideas and innovations
  • The ideas are developed with the Lean Startup model
  • It's loosely based on the show Shark tank
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    Building bridges

  • Connecting team pairs by building a bridge
  • The teams start seperately and finish together
  • Suitable any time
  • Fresh new activity for autumn 2016
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    Moped challenge

  • Moped race is a collection of fun vehicular challenges
  • The domain of the biggest hotshots
  • Fun and dynamic team building
  • Fun and laughter guaranteed
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    Business picnic

  • A selection of the best picnic venues across Slovenia
  • Original animation and excellent cuisine
  • Chance of business meetings on location
  • Wide collection of activities and team buildings
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    ETC Team Building

  • Games that demand concentration and team spirit
  • Created on the experience gained in Great Britain
  • Everyone can participate
  • Can be done indoors and outdoors
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    Minute to victory

  • The teams have to solve minute long challenges
  • It requires a full dedication of the whole team
  • Suitable for groups of 15 to 200 people
  • Everyone can participate, regardless of age
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    Chain reaction

  • Build the longest chain reaction
  • One nudge to set it off
  • If one part fails, the chain fails/span>
  • End result is the product of the whole group
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    ETC Olympics

  • Animates a large amount of participants of your business event;
  • Is extremely fun, dynamic and exciting;
  • Offers a wide variety of both easy and demanding games;
  • Offers flexible time limits – from half of an hour to several hours
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    December ETC treasure hunt in Ljubljana

  • Explore holiday Ljubljana
  • Unique way to treat your group
  • Fun and exciting challenges and tasks
  • Suitable for up to 200 people
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    99 city challenges

  • Explore the city in 99 different ways
  • Complete as many of the 99 tasks as you can
  • Suitable for larger cities
  • Up to 1000 people can participate
  • Includes a wide selection of location-based games
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    On road ETC Treasure Hunt

  • A big playing area (cities, regions and more)
  • Chance to choose the starting and finish points and all between
  • A wide selection of transportation (walking, car, moped, boat and maybe even parachute?)
  • Flexible time frame – it can last for a couple of hours up to a day
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    ETC Treasure hunt

  • The most fun and interactive activity
  • A great addition for all sorts of events - from conferences to picnics
  • Complete challenges on checkpoints using our special app
  • It includes a variety of tasks, suited to your needs
  • Fun for all profiles of participants
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    Santa’s sledding Grand Prix

  • Great winter team building
  • Every team builds their own snow vehicle
  • It brings out the creativity and competitiveness
  • Win the race on the ski slopes
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    Crazy snow chicks

  • Build a catapult or trebuche
  • Fire the "angry bird's" at ice cubes
  • Challenge that will bring out your resourcefullness
  • Groups up to 150 people
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