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  • Large boards for up to 8 people!
  • Fun and different aquatic activity
  • Fun games on SUPs that anyone can enjoy
  • Great in combination with other ETC Activities
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    Knock down all the cans

  • nostalgic and simple
  • each contestant receives award
  • for picnics and business events
  • great in combination with similar activities
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    Golf simulator

  • New activity for autumn 2016
  • The added value to your event
  • We can play and place it anywhere
  • The first contact with golf
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    ETC Baseball

  • America's favourite pass time
  • Suitable for all types of events
  • Great in a combination with other activities
  • Can be done anywhere with enough space
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    Human table football

  • When a game comes to life
  • Fun new group sport
  • Strap yourself in and go!
  • Can be done anywhere, as long as there's enough space
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    Body Zorbing football

  • Fun, wild and unforgettable activity;
  • A great addition for picnics
  • Can be played any time of the year
  • Offers a variety of different games and combinations
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    Ice sculpture making

  • Create a masterpiece with your own hands
  • A fantastic test of teamwork, creativity and skill
  • Always the same reaction - excitement
  • Fun and unique
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    Splatmaster Paintball

  • Range – shooting targets on a secured range;
  • Cowboy showdown – duels;
  • Hunger games – free for all in the fight for goods and weapons;
  • Catch the rabbit – one person is the rabbit and the others are hunters trying to catch him;
  • And many more…
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  • Japanese sport the balkan way
  • Instantly become a real fighter
  • Delve into the ring and beat your opponent
  • Indoor / Outdoor activity
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    American gladiator

  • Bring the fighter out of you
  • Knock your opponent to the ground
  • Suitable for anyone
  • Can be done indoors or outdoors
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